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Mason Fleischauer

Mason is a senior studying Business and pursuing a minor in Applied Statistics. Throughout high school in Seattle, he worked as a statistician for professional and college sports teams such as the Seattle Storm and Seattle Seahawks. In addition to PEVC, Mason is VP of Culture for MPowered Entrepreneurship. He also works in the Michigan Athletic Department doing stats for various sports teams. In his freshman summer, he worked for a venture-backed additive manufacturing startup in Los Angeles. In his sophomore summer, he worked for Slalom Consulting as a business analyst intern. Last summer, he worked at Amazon as a Financial Analyst Intern. He will be joining Amazon full time in Seattle as a Financial Analyst in the Amazon Finance Rotational Program after graduating.


In his free time, you can catch him camping out in the snow for basketball wristbands or at any other Michigan sporting event. Back home, he is a big fan of kayaking and biking. He also thoroughly enjoys puns and dad jokes.

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